Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Home Stretch of Intern Year...

3/4 of the First Year of Residency is over come Wednesday...That's sinking in and it feels great!  We've learned so much, slept so little and survived it all.  The year has actually been really good.  Every day I realize how much I still don't know but figuring it out is getting a little quicker and easier.  

2018 Match Week is coming up in a few weeks and we'll soon know who's joining our program for the next class of Family Medicine Docs!  Super exciting because I was just biting my nails and hyperventilating over Match Day myself.  It feels so long ago but not really.  I don't know if I'll ever forget that week....

As it stands right now, the Intern Class has one more month of in-patient service and then we're free of the month long stretches of virtually living in the hospital-woot woot!!! With the 14-16 hour shifts, most days we see more of the nursing staff and other colleagues than our own family and outside friends.  All of that will change come July 1.  We will still have lots of hospital responsibilities including covering in-patient two months during the year albeit with fairly normal working hours (yay 8am-5pm!!) with some 24 hour call shifts sprinkled in...and mentoring the new Interns....wowwwww.  That's all sinking in and it's kind of mind blowing.

Anyway,  in an effort to make it thru my last few days of night shift this month, I'm already daydreaming of brunch on the weekends and exploring Milwaukee while it's still daylight! 

Until next time...

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Made it to the Half Way Point =)

I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that we have already made it thru the 1st 6 months of Intern Year!!!!!  It's kind of unbelievable. I always say that time moves fast when you're having fun...please be clear, this is totally a different kind of fun LOLOLOLOL. 

We are learning so much it's ridiculous, in a good way!  All of the Attendings, outside Preceptors and our Senior Residents are in to teaching and making us better Physicians.  With that being said...I can't lie, I am totally looking forward to Intern Year being over.  The schedule is hectic.  I never seem to get enough sleep.  Some days, ok weeks, I feel like I'm failing at adulthood with laundry piled high and an empty fridge. And I'm looking forward to not working as many weekends.  

All I can do is Thank GOD for my people!!!  My Co-Interns make everything better!  If it wasn't for them, I'd be a mess.  We keep each other sane during the crazy times, have each other's backs at all times, celebrate any occasion big or small (even making it thru another month is grounds to celebrate!) and enjoy Milwaukee whenever we can!

While there's been a lot of work these first 6 months, we have managed to squeeze in some fun as well.  Our Clinic and Residency Program is very involved in the local community.  We hosted a tea party for some of the older ladies in the surrounding area, put on an EPIC Halloween party for the neighborhood children and their families-complete with haunted house, unlimited candy, cookie decorating, arts & crafts and more!  We've had time to jump double dutch, hang out at the Wisconsin State Fair-and sample some amazing eats!, held our annual Resident Retreat in Sheboygan, WI and celebrated birthdays, holidays, weddings, and engagements (including my own!!! woot, woot!)

The crazy thing is, that while so many of these things were going on, we also just wrapped up Interview Season.  It feels like just a short time ago, WE were interviewing for the job and now we're helping to select the next class of Residents.  

All this to say, Intern Year is hectic but I have no regrets and I'm looking forward to what the next 6 months is all about!!!

                                               The Intern Crew 
             (Before we really knew what we were getting ourselves into!)

                                                             Wisconsin State Fair

                         I have ZERO shame!!!! The jumbo cream puff was delish!

The latest Ad to help Nurse Jenny Recruit fresh meat...
I mean the New Class of Residents =)
                                      Afternoon Tea Party (Complete with Fancy Hats)

                                                              Halloween Party

Early morning travels to work

                                                             Holiday Brunch!

How did I almost forget to mention that I took a much needed vacation back to one of my FAVORITE places ever last week!!!! SXM suffered major devastation from Hurricane IRMA in Sept 2017.  More than 80% of the buildings on the island were destroyed or damaged in some way but they are rebuilding.  The AUC students went to Preston England for a semester to continue their educational journey and as I was leaving St. Maarten the school was preparing to welcome a new class back to campus on the island many of us hold dear.  Even with major destruction, this island is still one of the most beautiful places ever! I'm looking forward the continued renewal of such a wonderful place. 

                     ...and THIS is what "welcomed" me back from vacation =(

Hope you enjoyed the catch up and the pics! 
Until next time....

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2 months in

Hi guys!!!

Just a quick update: I'm still alive! Lol

This is the last day of my 2nd month of Intern Year! Time is going by so quickly; it's hard to wrap my head around it. The days are filled with excitement, anxiety, stress, uncertainty, laughter, teamwork, and patients (of course!). My Co-Residents & I are getting our bearings, gaining some confidence, and realizing we can actually do this! Then a nurse pages you and instantly you second guess everything, rationalize everything, go thru every worse case scenario in your mind but still manage to come up with an appropriate response/plan and all is right in the world again. That's the best way I can explain how many of these days go. 

I've already rotated on the In-Patient Medicine Service and Pediatrics and have spent some time in Clinic. Peds really consists of following the babies in the Newborn Nursery...I get to cuddle all the little ones every day!!!! I only see the newborns because most hospitals in our area refer all sick kiddos to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) for care in the case of emergencies and hospitalizations. I actually start my next rotation at CHW on Friday, pray for me!

Can you believe patients actually make appointments to see me? Yeah, I can't really believe it either but it's happening and it's actually pretty cool! I officially have patients ha!

I'll be sure to check in after the Children's Hospital Rotation and let you guys know how exciting (crazy & scary) it is. I'm sure it will be tons of fun and a huge learning opportunity. I'm looking forward to working with a whole new group at an entirely different facility--fun, fun, joy, joy😱. 

That's all I have for now. Best of luck to all the 4th year Med Students applying for the Match this coming season! Enjoy the journey. Hopefully I'll see some of you passing thru my program this fall during Interview Season. If you see me, don't be shy :)

Until next time......

Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Beginnings--I'm an Intern!

Ahhhhhhhh, Today-July 1, 2017 begins my Intern Year!!!!
Totally can't believe its here.
But before New Resident details let me recap what's been going on since Match Week; because I think thats the last time I posted.  I don't know how that happened! I'm gonna try to do better. Really....

So, first--GRADUATION!!!!! Woooot wooooot!

Graduation season was a ton of fun!
My family, friends & I went back to St. Maarten...where it all started.  It was great being on the island without worrying about school, studying, applications, or interviews.  It was just fun in the sun, reconnecting with classmates, and enjoying everything the island had to offer.

I stayed for 3 weeks and went to the beach as much as possible!!!! I'm looking forward to going back.  I LOVE that island!

Aside from graduation, for the last few months, I've been vacationing & getting organized for my start of Residency.  

Now, about Intern Year--it's here! 
I made it to Milwaukee and got settled in, met my new Co-Residents & had Orientation this past week. My Resident class is super cool! We all get along so well and are all really happy to have matched into our program.  
Our Seniors & Faculty are ridiculously nice and have done everything they can to help us feel comfortable and get acclimated to the program. 
I almost feel ready to start, hahahaha.  
No, seriously, I'm as ready as I can be for this next step.  
We've studied & prepared, gotten office space, business cards, LONG white coats & even the dreaded pagers--and now it's time to get down to business...
Tomorrow, lololol.  That's when my first shift is.  So I have a few more hours to wrap my head around the fact that I'm starting my first job as an MD.

Let's go!

Until next time...