Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2 months in

Hi guys!!!

Just a quick update: I'm still alive! Lol

This is the last day of my 2nd month of Intern Year! Time is going by so quickly; it's hard to wrap my head around it. The days are filled with excitement, anxiety, stress, uncertainty, laughter, teamwork, and patients (of course!). My Co-Residents & I are getting our bearings, gaining some confidence, and realizing we can actually do this! Then a nurse pages you and instantly you second guess everything, rationalize everything, go thru every worse case scenario in your mind but still manage to come up with an appropriate response/plan and all is right in the world again. That's the best way I can explain how many of these days go. 

I've already rotated on the In-Patient Medicine Service and Pediatrics and have spent some time in Clinic. Peds really consists of following the babies in the Newborn Nursery...I get to cuddle all the little ones every day!!!! I only see the newborns because most hospitals in our area refer all sick kiddos to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) for care in the case of emergencies and hospitalizations. I actually start my next rotation at CHW on Friday, pray for me!

Can you believe patients actually make appointments to see me? Yeah, I can't really believe it either but it's happening and it's actually pretty cool! I officially have patients ha!

I'll be sure to check in after the Children's Hospital Rotation and let you guys know how exciting (crazy & scary) it is. I'm sure it will be tons of fun and a huge learning opportunity. I'm looking forward to working with a whole new group at an entirely different facility--fun, fun, joy, joy😱. 

That's all I have for now. Best of luck to all the 4th year Med Students applying for the Match this coming season! Enjoy the journey. Hopefully I'll see some of you passing thru my program this fall during Interview Season. If you see me, don't be shy :)

Until next time......