Saturday, May 31, 2014

Post Block Weekend...woohoo!

This is the first weekend after the first set of block exams, sigh of relief!

This is what many of us want to be doing...

However in actuality, this is what many of us are doing instead...
The days leading up to block exams are probably some of the most stressful, sleep deprived times most of us experience during the semester.  It's the time when you KNOW you have to review all of the material and get it to a place in your brain that you can accurately recall it, integrate it, and answer the questions correctly on test day.  The days are long, the nights are short, and the intake of caffeine increases exponentially.  I think I did pretty good only drinking 2 cups of coffee the entire week.  

Now that blocks are over for most of us, the adrenaline rush you get on exam day is gone and the lack of sleep and and proper diet is catching up to us.  The 5th semester students get to experience this next week! I think it takes me a good 5 days to recover from exams but new information is being shoveled down our throats starting the day after exams...except this past Thursday.  Thank you Jesus, for Ascending into Heaven 40 days after Easter, to be seated at the right hand of the Father--and giving us a day off! Amen!  Ascension Day here in St. Maarten is a major holiday where most people have the day off.  For us, it turned out to be a day to complete the non-exam related readings and view the presentations that we'd be "quizzed" on the next day.  "Quiz" really translates to "major deal" because only 2 "quizzes" determine if you pass or fail the class. 

The weekend after blocks is usually my guilt-free beach time or stock up on real food and new toilet paper time (after just a few hours of studying vs the entire day) but instead I'm playing catch up to try to really absorb the material we got in class this week.  I was there everyday and gave my best effort at paying attention but I think I was glazed over for quite a few lectures.  

So today, I shall sit until my gluteus maximus is numb and I plow through the lectures from the week...then maybe there will be some time to play in the sun!

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