Friday, August 1, 2014

Striving for Balance

Since the first day of orientation our Wellness Counselor and staff at AUC have been encouraging us to do our best to aim for a balanced lifestyle; a healthy balance of school responsibilities, healthy diet, exercise, and some rest & relaxation.  As you can probably imagine, that is much easier said than done.  

In a tropical location with great beaches and nice weather all year long you would think we would strive to be ready to hit the beach at any given moment.  I'm used to cold weather and a chance to hibernate for a couple months in lose, comfy clothes and a few months to not be a slacker and get my self ready for summer vacation.  I know, it's a totally warped sense of reality that hasn't transated well here.  I've watched my "beach body" morph into something totally different than what it was when I first got here.  Sitting in class the first half of the day, then sitting on my Lord Have Mercy the second half of the day has brought some not so friendly changes to my waistline.

Lucky for us, we got a brand new gym this semester!  It's nice! It's big! It has lots of equipment, free weights, and even space for students to just hang out and relax.  Believe me, it's a huge improvement from the super small, slightly smelly gym that we used to have. 

With this new space comes the the newest craze--Ping Pong.  Or do people call it table tennis?  The table is rarely free and there is always a crowd of spectators to cheer on the players.  In actuality, I think they are waiting for an opportunity to play themselves not really for moral support!  Hands down, it's probably the most popular section of the gym throughout the day.  Maybe Ping Pong was big before but the table was in some hidden location and I didn't realize how popular it was.  Now that the new gym is in the heart of campus, ping pong is front & center.  

There are some students that work out faithfully.  Religiously.  Without fail. I guess it's really at the top of their priority list.
1. Sleep 2. Eat 3. Workout 4. Everything else.  

As my beach bod fades away, my goal is to channel a little of their dedication and commitment.  I decided to check out the new in actually use it, because I surely did a walk thru when it first opened =) 

                                 I'll take you on a brief photo tour

                             Ping Pong Suite (and a lonely dart board)


                             Chill Space w/comfy couches and cable tv


                                              Partial Cardio Area

                                     Weight machines and addl cardio equipment                                      

                                                                     Free Weights

                                           Group Fitness Room

Just when I think I can get my mind right to incorporate more routine exercise, to work on a more healthy and balanced lifestyle, look what greets me after class.....

An Ice Cream bar for AMSA Appreciation day!  Lots of ice cream with more toppings than you can think of.  Guessing I'll have to work a little extra next time I hit that brand spanking new gym!

Around here, although it's the weekend, many of us will be making sure we are all caught up on the last few weeks of information because our last week of classes is next week!  Then Blocks! Then final exams! Then a much needed BREAK!!

Until next time...

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