Friday, May 1, 2015

Day trip to St. Barth's

St. Maarten is lovely! But there are so many other islands so close by that you should take some time to visit a few if you can.  Anguilla is about 30mins by Ferry from Marigot, St. Barth's is about 30 mins by high speed Ferry from Oyster Pond, and you can reach many of the other islands in about an hour flight from Princess Juliana Airport.  If you're here, you should definitely take advantage of the other islands in the area!

I recently went on a day trip to St. Barth's...we rode over on the Voyager III Ferry from Oyster Pond.  Roundtrip cost was about 65€ and before I had a chance to get sea sick the ride was over.  It was a pretty smooth trip on a nice air-conditioned boat with complimentary drinks during the ride. 

We docked in Gustavia which is the town center of St. Barth's.  The views are stunning--I didn't know what to look at first: The mountains, the crazy blue water, the Million Dollar Yacht's or the planes coming in to land at the airport with one of the shortest runway's I've ever seen! 

We decided to rent an ATV to get around the island, it was much more fun than a car!  You really get to experience all there is to see and do on St. Barth's.  The shopping options range from quaint little shops to some of the same high end stores that you would find on Rodeo Drive in LA.  

There are lots of great little beach bars and restaurants all around the island.  The boutique hotels are also lovely.  After having drinks at one place that I can't remember the name of, we settled in at The Pink Parrot located at Tom Beach hotel.  Great choice.  The food was delicious...The DJ was rocking all afternoon...The sun, sand and surf didn't disappoint!  We were treated VERY WELL in St. Barth's!  Some people say it's expensive, but we didn't find it was outrageous; but I guess that's all relative.  Just be sure to take enough Euros with you so that you can do everything you want to do! 

I have absolutely no complaints! Scratch only regret is wishing I stayed a bit longer; so if you can--sleep over!!!!

Here are a few pics...

                                              Gustavia Harbor
                                       Transportation for the day

                                             Airport Runway

                                           Random Shots from around the island


                                                                  Tom Beach


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