Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weekend Break--Iceland!

Welcome back to the ride!

I've been out of commission for a little while because my computer decided to throw a temper tantrum.  I'm back in business...just in time to post the pics from one of the most awesomely unexpected "vacations" ever.  I should be reviewing for my next exam--next week!  Instead, I'm uploading pics.  The ultimate avoidance tactic.  I'm taking a study break.  Right before bed, haha.  It's after midnight where I am and as soon as I'm finished I'm climbing in my bed!

This post is short, sweet, and to the point: If you ever have a chance to visit Iceland--GO!! A few friends and I went for a long (4-day) weekend between clinical rotations.  It's a beautiful country.  The landscapes are breathtaking.  The country is largely unspoiled and pure. There are tons of mountains.  And glaciers. Long country roads. Lots of snow in winter, and lots of green in summer.  It was BITTER cold when we went.  The kind of cold that you couldn't afford to have your gloved hands out of your pockets for more than 0.3 seconds before you knew your fingertips were going to fall off!!!  

While visiting Iceland we managed to squeeze in a great deal of exploring the North, Central, and Southwest parts of the country.  

Here were our stops:
*Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa (
*Hallgrimskirkja-The largest church (Lutheran) in Iceland and a major visitor attraction
*Our own Cam & Mike orchestrated Golden Circle Tour which included stops at ├×ingvellir National Park-the National Shrine of Iceland & designated a UNESCO world Heritage Site
Skaftafell National Park Waterfalls, Geyser Strokkur and Gullfoss waterfall 
*Ice Cave Tour inside a Glacier (

Overall, Iceland was beautiful.  But VERY expensive, like the equivalent of $11 for a beer.  The food was really tasty.  Cam even tried the "Traditional Icelandic Breakfast"... definitely wasn't my cup of tea, wasn't really his either! We stayed in a great Air BnB flat right in the heart of Reykjavik.  We must have traveled 500 miles in 2 days.  And it was all worth it! 

Here are some pictures, hope you enjoy them =)
Until next time...

Blue Lagoon

Traditional Icelandic Food and Mike's "favorite" Skyr fills that pancake.  I'm lying, Skyr was not pleasant to our palates



The Geyser is about to blow!


Glacier Tour
Getting there

Surface of the Glacier-THe cold was indescribable

The Hexagonal Nut looking thing is the entrance for us to go INTO, aka Inside, like 10 meters beneath the surface! one of the largest Glaciers in Iceland. 

Inside (Beneath) the Glacier

Out and About 

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