Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Home Stretch of Intern Year...

3/4 of the First Year of Residency is over come Wednesday...That's sinking in and it feels great!  We've learned so much, slept so little and survived it all.  The year has actually been really good.  Every day I realize how much I still don't know but figuring it out is getting a little quicker and easier.  

2018 Match Week is coming up in a few weeks and we'll soon know who's joining our program for the next class of Family Medicine Docs!  Super exciting because I was just biting my nails and hyperventilating over Match Day myself.  It feels so long ago but not really.  I don't know if I'll ever forget that week....

As it stands right now, the Intern Class has one more month of in-patient service and then we're free of the month long stretches of virtually living in the hospital-woot woot!!! With the 14-16 hour shifts, most days we see more of the nursing staff and other colleagues than our own family and outside friends.  All of that will change come July 1.  We will still have lots of hospital responsibilities including covering in-patient two months during the year albeit with fairly normal working hours (yay 8am-5pm!!) with some 24 hour call shifts sprinkled in...and mentoring the new Interns....wowwwww.  That's all sinking in and it's kind of mind blowing.

Anyway,  in an effort to make it thru my last few days of night shift this month, I'm already daydreaming of brunch on the weekends and exploring Milwaukee while it's still daylight! 

Until next time...


  1. Hi I’d like to ask you about your honest experiences at AUC. I am Canadian by the way
    1) How is the quality of education at AUC. Do you feel that the school tries to weed out students, or are students naturally weeded out by themselves? (factors such as poor time management, stress, and or maybe they can’t handle it)
    2) Does the school have less clinical spots than there are total students enrolled? I hear this is a thing at SGU and that scares me if this Is a thing at AUC
    3) Is it true that Canadian IMG’s have a harder time matching in general? AUC surprisingly has a strong match rate for some reason (Idk, maybe you can enlighten me on this) and I’d feel bad If I’m screwed by being Canadian and entering the American match. I read one horror story of an AUC Canadian student failing to match.
    4) Is AUC one of those schools where they have a lot of people who don’t match one year and then do so the other? It doesn’t seem like it considering the small class.
    5) Lastly, what would be a better start time. May or January? Starting in May makes it seem like I would have time to do plenty of things. Whereas in January maybe I’d be rushing to match with the September Class.

  2. Hi! I enrolled in AUC as part of a September class. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences there. I received a quality education, had no problem getting clinical rotation spots and matched on my first attempt. Work hard, do what you need to do and give it your best effort to Match. Check out the AUC website www.aucmed.edu for details about match rates and lots of other info that will hopefully better answer your questions. All the best!