Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcome to 2019!

Happy New Year!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on how things have gone over the past year. Has the prior year been good? Not so good? What were the highs and the lows? Hopefully the scales are tipped more towards all the positive things. 

Life happens. We suffer losses, disappointments and missed opportunities. But luckily we are all here another day, another YEAR—to give it another shot! To take another chance! So, let’s put forth our best efforts to work on being the best version of ourselves in 2019!. 

I can’t lie—overall 2018 was a great year in my book!  There were many highs and few lows.  From a professional point of view, I was able to successfully complete my Intern Year (First year as a new Physician), get off to a decent start learning to be a Senior Resident, and build relationships with some awesome folks.  Personally, I made a huge commitment to my better half, the one who accepts for who I am...flaws and all.  I don’t know how I got so lucky to end up with this amazing guy!!!!  My family and friends are healthy and doing big things. I’m so blessed to have such a good group to go to for advice, love, and to have a good time.  They make me strive to be a better person  

I’m settling a bit more in Milwaukee, meeting some new people, learning about some new places and trying some new activities. I’ve also been able to re-establish a connection with my Sorority and I hope to continue that into this coming year.  

Dare I say it, but I may have even started getting used to the weather! It hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Or maybe its so terrible that once you move past the disrespectful cold, biting winds, & frequent flurries your terrible memories are erased like Men In Black and you can’t possibly recall how bad it can get lol. Nah....all jokes aside, it hasn’t been that bad.  If I had to make the same choice knowing what I know, I would still choose to be here. 

With all that being said: It’s time to set some goals for the New Year! I’ve been thinking about my goals and I really want them to be meaningful and achievable even if I have to work hard to accomplish them. I haven’t formerly set yearly goals since starting Medical School—where the goal was just to successfully finish! This is the start of a new chapter and I’m ready to bring back a part of me that has been put on a shelf due to something bigger going on. 

Do you all set annual goals?  How do you decide what to focus on? Is it based on different categories/areas of life?  How do you hold yourself accountable?  Do you set goals with your partner, family and/or friends? Feel free to let me know in the comments section. 

I’ve done vision boards in the past and also just written down my goals and carried them in my wallet all year; periodically taking them out for review and to check my progress.  I’m really excited about what 2019 will bring and the contributions I hope to make.  I’m hoping to look back on this and see how well I did at the end of the year in reaching the goals I set. 

Welcome to 2019....let’s make this one of our best yet!

Until Next time...

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