Saturday, January 11, 2020

Hey everyone!! Happy 2020!! Welcome to a new year and a New DECADE!

How did we get to 2020 already?  I swear it was just "yesterday" that we were preparing for the Y2K end of the world, lose all your money in the bank, cant fly because airline computers won't work, entire shutdown/meltdown that never happened. Wasn't that just the other day???

Time really does fly by.  There have been so many changes over the last 10 years in my life. Sometime I look back and don't know how 10 years went by already.  

Besides committing 70% of the decade to becoming a doctor I was still able to enjoy myself.  

I left my job to chase my dreams and that was really my biggest accomplishment of the decade! Life would be very different if I didn't take that leap of faith enrolling in Medical School in another country...

I applied in 2012, got accepted and had plans to quit my job to start school in the fall of 2013. Before I could quit, I was laid off from work and had time to organize my life before moving to St Maarten.  That was an adventure unlike any other! I lived on the most amazing island for nearly 2 years, met lifelong friends...and a guy who I had no idea would change my life.  Next stop was moving to London for a year.  While in the UK, I traveled to some pretty amazing locations—France, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Morocco, Scotland, Spain and Switzerland.  Fourth year of Medical School took me to NYC where I lived in 5 different apartments (definitely don’t miss that!), did a brief stint in Uganda which changed my life (again) and then had the most EPIC graduation celebration in 2017 with some of my closest friends and family in St. Maarten! TAKE ME BACCCCKKKKKK....

Residency brought me to Milwaukee, WI to a program where I've had the opportunity to work with some great new and experienced Physicians and connected with some cool DST Sorors in the Midwest.  I thought Med School graduation was the highlight of the decade but then I got engaged and married the most fantastic human.  We dated & loved long distance for nearly 4 years.  Now that we’re married and living in the same place, things have changed so much again— in a good way!  How he puts up with my craziness every day is nothing short of a miracle.  We laugh until it hurts & I'm in tears, we have an unwritten language and he's teaching me Dutch.  I'm kind of a horrible student tho, sorry babe!

This year 2020 puts me at the cusp of change yet again.  My 3 year Residency is nearly over and the next chapter will soon begin.  

There have been big changes in our family and we are all so blessed to be here another year to celebrate with one another.  I made some resolutions/plans for personal growth and change last year around this time.  Some things were accomplished, others were not—but we are all a work in progress so there’s still time to continue working on ourselves.  

Board exams are coming and more focused/dedicated study time is a necessity.  While we are always learning, studying and reviewing as doctors, once this is over in April I’ll be free from formal exams for 10 years πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ!!!!

I’m looking forward to the time when life is a little more predictable and the schedule is not as hectic.  Until that happens, I’ll continue going with the flow and living my best life!

It’s my hope that the journey into this next decade is as exciting and fulfilling as the last!


  1. Cheers to living your best life!!!

  2. �� Excited as always to read you blog! Looking forward to your continued journey. Love ya.