Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Over the hump

We're officially over the hump and 3rd semester already feels like a distant memory.  Just 2 more to go on the island.  We've been here a full year already and it doesn't really feel like it to me.  We've gained a lot of book knowledge and I've learned a lot about myself.  Over the last year, I've tapped into reserves of strength and resilience I didn't know I had and I'm sure I'm becoming a better me in the process.
The almost 2 weeks off went by at break neck speed. 
Today a new adventure began.
The new students seem fresh faced, well rested and ready to take on the challenge of med school. How bad can it be right?  We live on a great island, with wonderful weather, lots of activities, tons of restaurants, and some of the best beaches around.  When there's free time, there's plenty to do.  Finding the free time is one of the challenges but when you do it's worth it!!!!!

Here are our classes this semester:
Pathology 2

Behavioral Science 1
Pharmacology 1

Intro to Clinical Medicine 4

The lectures were pretty interesting today.  The rush that comes along with starting something new was there. Trying to figure out new teaching styles, new professors names, and what their quirks are is always "fun" in the beginning.  New seats this semester because we got booted from the brand new, fancy Auditorium and sent back to where it all began for us--LH1. And I escaped today with no mosquito bites, so it was a good first day back!

Hopefully the material will continue to be interesting and the professors will keep us engaged as the semester progresses. 
Here's to hoping the semester goes by as quickly as our last break did! 
Our Neuro professor pretty much told us to buckle up & get ready for the ride.  Say no more, let's get it!!!!

Until next time...

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