Saturday, October 4, 2014

Steady Progress

Hi friends--

Lots of things have been going on, yet there are plenty of things that don't change.  It never fails: Either last week was Block Week, this week is Block week or next week is Block week!!!!  Arrrgggghhhh! I'm not upset, maybe a little frazzled but that just means the more block weeks that go by, the closer we are to the finish line. 
The most exciting thing lately was the Talent Show we had last weekend--The Black Medical Students Association hosted a Talent Show for the school.  Students from the different classes participated and everyone had a GREAT time while raising money to help support the St. Maarten Diabetes Foundation.  It was a win-win for everyone.  Great Acts, an Amazing Show (with super hilarious hosts), and good food too!  There were so many students who worked hard to make the show a success and they all deserve a pat on the back.  Hopefully the next BMSA E_Board will consider hosting another Talent Show because it was a lot of fun!     

While people at home are posting super cute fall outfits and pumpkin laden recipes on Facebook and IG, we're here BAKING! I think the "Fall" here is the hottest time of the year. The humidity is higher than normal and the sun feels extra hot.  I love the warm weather but it's been so hot the past month that I've driven the 2 blocks to school every day because even at 745am you instantly start sweating once you walk out of your door.  Hopefully it cools down soon so I can stop feeling so lazy.

So that's pretty much what's new around here.  It's a good thing to say that mostly it's been a lot of the usual stuff!  Class, studying and the occasional water outage or slower than usual internet download speeds but other than that I'm just plodding along.  Did you guys actually expect me to tell you amazing stories about how I've been enjoying the island life and throwing caution to the wind and carrying on like all the tourists???? Hahaha, I wish!

Until next time...  


  1. So I am a goober. that can either be a chocolate covered peanut or a person with somewhat limited intelligence, and I am the latter. So because I am a goober please explain to me what "Block Week" means? for a lil clowning. I went to AUC's website and who did I see smack dab on the home page.....what... yall only got 5 students at that university?? you get in that picture? and with your stethoscope out. Listening for signs of life .I Love you Cuz, it's just jokes. Very proud of you. Hang in there, and remember God has got you covered. BTW I have Google hangouts. I call my wife, my mom and your aunt Shirley on it sometimes. so if you have some time to chat cause I know busy you can call me on that.

  2. Block week is the week before exams. Crunch time to get everything we learned in the last few weeks solidified and all the new stuff we learn that week to be tested on Monday.
    Hahaha, I promise there are more than 5 students here. I took part in a promo photo & video shoot a few months back. I'm guessing you're in an area where you got lucky enough to see some of the final pics!!